Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Amazing Adventures of Boo

We had a super sweet grey kitty
show up on our doorstep over the holidays.

At first we kind of stepped over him
thinking that he would wander off 
but he just sort of never left.

We asked neighbors and he didn't belong to anybody
so we started petting him, 
then we fed him,
then we picked him up,
then we named him Boo.

He just wouldn't leave and our other
two grumpy cats, Atticus and Scout
(I read To Kill a Mockingbird one too many times)
even warmed up to him
and much to my husband's chagrin,
we decided that after the holidays
we'd take him to the vet, get him fixed up,
and call him ours.

He jumped in our laps and won our hearts.
He camped out on our porch for 3 weeks.
Until...we left town and had my dad swing by 
to feed the cats for us while we were gone.

Boo must be a fickle cat because 
when we got back, he was gone.
We weren't here to love him up.

The kids are pretty sad.
So, to take away the sting 
of losing the cat that was never really ours,
we've started making up stories
about the adventures Boo may be on.

Did he join the circus?
Did he hike to Alaska to live on a fishing boat?
Did he move to the Texas and strap on a cowboy hat?
Did he move to a farm and befriend a cow?

Koen thinks that he got in a fight with a lion.

Maybe one day he'll find his
way back to us on a stop 
from his many adventures.

Until then,
we miss you Boo.
You'll live on in the stories we tell.


Andrea said...

awwwwwww...I do hope his adventures lead him back your way!

Vodka Logic said...

What a bittersweet story. At least he left healthy.
We lost a cat to the outdoors last spring and we have since adopted a stray.. he is so cuddly.
I hope yours finds his way back to you.
Good idea for a blog post ;)