Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Starting To Think That I Really Might Have Eyes On the Back of My Head.

I totally have fooled my kid into believing that I can see every little naughty thing that he tries to do. I suspected that I had tricked him into thinking that I was the smartest and craftiest mom on the planet but he confirmed my suspicions the other day.

We had a play date at our house with a very sweet and polite boy that played on Griffin's soccer team. Let's call him Adam (names have been changed to protect the mischievous). Now, Adam is a good boy. He's polite and his parents really seem to be on the ball, so I was thrilled when he came over to play.

The only thing about Adam is that he gets excited easily and turns into a total spaz. Being a total spaz myself, I can relate to the kid and don't mind so much when he starts to act like a lunatic. You just have reign a kid like him in at the get go, tell him the rules, and he'll try really hard to abide by them.

So, when I discovered that he was pretending to run on our treadmill that sits beside the couch, I kindly asked him to stop. The treadmill was not turned on and I swear that I heard it moaning in pain as he stomped and tried his hardest to make it slide beneath his feet. He stepped off and blushed a bit as he apologized.

I headed into the kitchen to make dinner, leaving the two boys in the living room to play. As I popped some taco shells in the oven, it suddenly grew very quiet in the living room. That usually means that someone is up to no good. I glanced in the mirror of an antique hutch that we have conveniently placed in the dining room. I love this old mirror because I can see a reflection of the living room in the glass. This has become my top tool for spying on the children while I cook dinner. Griffin has been caught in the act many times as I've seen his mischievous deeds in the mirror.

So, I glanced up to see Adam , jogging away on treadmill. "Adam, get off the treadmill, please!" I yelled from the kitchen. I could see in the mirror that he looked shocked while he glanced around the room. He plopped onto the couch and said to Griffin in a shocked voice, "How did she know I was on it?' Then Griffin responded in a very serious tone "I don't know, but she does it all the time!"

I promptly congratulated myself
for being the sneakiest mom ever
and felt incredibly smug while I prepared dinner.

I hope to forever dupe him into believing that
I have eyes on the back of my head!

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The Knitty Gritty Homestead said... the image of "Adam" looking around to see where you were. Great tale! When I was a student teacher I told some kids off..they were doing something naughty in the far reaches of the schoolyard. As I walked away, I noticed the loooong shadows cast by the afternoon sun...and noticed that one of the kids' shadow was doing that "nananana" thing, thumbs in ears, fingers wiggling, hips going side to side. I said over my shoulder, "Stop making faces at me, it's rude." That stopped them in their tracks...and the legend began! Heehee! We grown ups are so darn smart!

Linda D. said...

Perhaps moms everywhere should set up those "convenience store" convex mirrors that allow you to see everything that goes in the store in strategic spots around the house.. that way the x-ray vision (and the legend) can spread! Love this post. So cute and well written!

singedwingangel said...

BWhahaha I have done the same to my boys only it was because I HEARD them from another room. They didn't realize how loud they were actually being so when I yelled at them to stop wrestling on the bed they stopped cold trying to figure out how I knew exactly what they were doing..

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Playdates are tricky to keep calm sometimes. Luckily children can be tricked. My mother likes to tell a story of when she was a young teacher in the early 70s. She had to leave the class of first graders and go to the office and she was worried about one little boy named Curtis behaving, so when she got to the office she had the principal get on the intercom and say, "Curtis, are you in your seat?" And Curtis said, "Yes, Lord Jesus." My mother then had a little less trouble out of Curtis, at least on that day.

R Montalban said...

You make me laugh, thank you for that :-)

Anonymous said...

aahahaha that's Adorable!!! Good for you - your smug feelings were well-earned. :)

Amy said...

This is awesome! I need to get one of those antique hutches;)

Well done mommy!

Sue said...

Faux omniscience.

A mother's greatest tool.


Linda D. said...

I'm LOL over "initforthekill"s memory of Curtis, who heard his name called over the intercom at school. When asked if he was in his seat he replied "Yes, Lord Jesus!" How adorable that a little child just seems to know that the Lord has "eyes in the back of his head!!!!"


hahahahahaha...,my mum even knew what we did when we were out of the house[not to rain on your parade] and when we asked how she knew she'd say a little birdie told her. :)

Buckeroomama said...

LOL, I loved this! That's what I tell my kids all the time, too. :) I almost got caught out one time, though. I was driving and J was behind me in the second row. I'd asked him a question and he apparently nodded yes, but because I didn't hear anything, I asked again and he said, "I nodded, Mommy! I thought you had eyes at the back of your head. How come you didn't see?" I had to think fast; I told him that since I was driving, I had to close the eyes at the back of my head so that I could fully concentrate on the road! He let it slide that time... whew! :)