Monday, May 9, 2011

Mr. Independent Drives Into Town.

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Early Sunday morning I was pulled out of my slumber by Koen calling for me. The cruel numbers on my digital clock said 4:45 am and I tried to just roll over and go back to sleep but he wouldn't settle down. I stumbled out of bed and made a stop to powder my nose and I could hear him shuffling around in his crib. Suddenly, his bedroom door opened and there he stood in the hallway in the glow of his night light.

"Hi mama!" he said casually while waving and giving his hips a little shake. Shocked to see my toddler standing in the hallway I replied "Well, hello Koen, how did you get out here?" He pointed into his room and said "I climbed out." He then led me by the hand and said "I climb out right there, mama." His little finger pointed to his crib. I wanted to cry right then and there. I swooped him up and tried to rock him back to sleep but as soon as I put him back in the crib, he just climbed right out. I stood outside his door and watched as he flung one leg over, then the other, dangled his little legs while holding onto the railing, and simply dropped down onto his feet. He had incredible form and a solid landing. It was official...time to say bye bye to the crib and hello to an independent toddler. I am so not ready for this.

It didn't stop there either, as we ate lunch out for a Mother's Day celebration, he demanded to sit in a booster seat. As I tried my hardest to gently force his tiny body into the highchair, he kindly kicked the highchair and yelled "No thank you! I big boy now!!" So, he sat next to me in a booster seat and then abandoned the booster seat soon after and then stood up in the booth and then jumped in the booth and then tried to escape three times. He also refused to let me help him with his drink and proceeded to spill said drink into his lap and then managed to look at me as if I was to blame and exclaimed "I get all wet." It was a very peaceful Mother's Day lunch. Roger and I gazed at each other over a basket of stale tortilla chips and said things like "I love you?" and "What are we going to do with this kid?" Griffin basked in the glory of being the "good kid" as Koen tried to dump an entire salt shaker onto his head.

When we arrived back home, the house became a flurry of activity. We grabbed our trusty ol' car bed and pulled the guard rails out from storage. The crib came down and the new bed was parked in it's spot. We made sure that all the outlets were plugged up and anything that could provide mischief in the middle of the night was removed. Late in the afternoon, his new room was complete and a proud two year old hopped onto his new bed and surveyed his new found freedom. I am trying not to panic here but I think that my little guy is on cruise control and I better hold on cause this car is moving fast.

Let us all have a moment of silence
for the crib that is dismantled and lonely in storage.


R Montalban said...

Just wear sunglasses, that way he won't see your tears. All kids want to be big, and then at some point, it changes and they want to be kids again - nice bed he's got.

Sue said...

Cute bed!

If he keeps climbing out of it, you could always go back to the crib and get one of those crib tents.


Katherine said...

I cried both times we had to take the crib down. Why do they insist on growing up?

Missy said...

Lord help you... haha I'm having flashbacks of this very moment. My daughter is 3 and we had to kick the crib to the curb shortly after 1 year. Mine still won't let me help her prevent spills, and it's always my fault. ;)

Good luck. I'm giving you the bloggin' mama high five.

Anonymous said...

Good times.


Those milestones reminding you that they are growing up and eventually away must be very sad indeed.

Linda D. said...

You know what they say about kids who take gymnastics? They climb out and dismount their cribs (some trying to do a backwards flip, too), earlier. So, be proud mama. Be proud! :-)

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I LOVE the car bed! I bet he will do well with it. I always prefer the early bed stage to the crib stages. It just seems like it would be more comfy!
Becca just got a bed too and we are stoked!

I know when we take down Oliver's crib it will be bittersweet...but just think--the end of the crib stage marks the beginning of getting-kicked-out-of-reatsaurants and other public places- stage! ;)