Tuesday, September 13, 2011

52 Weeks of Happiness :: Week 28


The excitement that fills the car
when we pass by a construction zone.


The city is doing some major construction
down the road from our home.
At first I was annoyed because they closed the road
that served as a short cut to my parents' house.


What seemed like a a huge pain
has ended up being a

huge source of joy for my two year old.

We pass by the equipment and little squeals

come from the backseat.

"Look mama, a big digger!"

he yells as he leans as

close to the window as he can.


He shouts "Wow, look at that Mama!"
as I slow the car down so he can see the
equipment digging up dirt and leveling the ground.


His happiness is contagious
and it makes dealing with the delays

and traffic a bit more bearable.

I almost get excited when we round the corner

and the construction sight comes to view.

He wiggles and shouts

and it is the happiest stretch of road

in our little town.


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Pieni Lintu said...

Our boys would like to see those too! :D

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

It is so exciting for little kids (boys especially) to see construction vehicles.

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said...

Thanks for hosting. I have put your meme to my list of photo challenges :)

Tiffany said...

Love the construction equipment, the boys did too when they were little. Hope your giveaway goes well!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Same here with Dustyn. He loves seeing the tractors and the road closed signs.

Linda D. said...

"The happiest littles stretch of road in our town".. charming. How wonderful to take a potentially negative obstacle in your life and see it through the enchanted eyes of childhood! Reading your blog adds sparkle to my day! Thanks.

Ashley Sisk said...

I just love that you took advantage of such a neat photo op.

Susan said...

That is so sweet! Great pictures this week as well, love all of your creative angles.

Queen Scarlett said...

Vrooooooooom! My nephew recently sang the Bob the Builder song... but with pooping in it... as he is learning to potty train. Boys are funny.

Vivian said...

Yeah there's a thing about little boys and trucks and construction stuff. They are born naturally fascinated with it. You take great photos. I would have never been able to make construction equipment look so COOL :)

Singedwingangel said...

As a mom of 3 boys I know this feeling all too well. I will be up later with the pics of the newest family member that I got to hold within minutes of him being born woot woot..

Sue said...

My boys always loved construction stuff, too. It was like we were at Disneyland.


jOni lAnE said...

my son was equally excited to see your pictures! you could totally make him a flip book out of your pictures. nice post!

CJ said...

I wish I could be excited over construction :) We just had a small patch of construction here a few days ago - and every time we got stopped in it, someone in the car would get worked up or freaked out :)

Caroline said...

So CUTE! Makes me happy too because it means jobs, jobs, jobs! :)

I can't wait for Oliver to get all excited about these things!

Chrystal Oates said...

My son gets super happy too when we see road construction. Great photos.

rachel said...

I love that my little guy is just getting interested in cars and trucks and stuff...it's cute, and oh so "boy".

Meggs said...

This post is great, not only because it's fun but because of the fact that your negative had some positive in it. LOVE THAT! =)

Katherine said...

I have never heard of anyone finding happiness in road construction. But then, my happiness post this week was about fungus. Overall, an excellent reminder that happiness can be found in all things.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

That is so cool Leigh- I think kids really have the best perspective on things & help us keep a better frame of mind

Mama Zen said...

That is so fun!

Jenn Baumgartner said...

this is my first time linking up with this project....seems fun and refreshing! my son is 'all boy' and would most definitely love all those trucks!

Kristy said...

Aww, what is it with boys and construction?

from mel said...

oh, man. jack goes craaazy over tractors. we have lots of construction stuff going on around our neighborhood. its like we have to slow down every time ;)