Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Cold Snap

We recently had a cold front blow through Georgia.
Temps got down to 32 degrees,
which is pretty chilly for folks around here.

It was just cold enough to leave
a blanket of ice on the world outside my door.


This made for grumpy conditions
inside my home each morning.
Between chasing the boys around
to squeeze them into big ol' coats,
gloves, hats, and mittens,
I would get a bit cranky.

The mad dash from the front door
to the chilly car was such a pain
and scraping the ice of the windshield
of my car was an unwanted
extra step in my already
rushed morning.

I would pull out of the driveway
with a scowl on my face
and damn the cold
as the heater in my car
tried to cough out warm air.

The boys would be marveling
at the patterns of ice on their windows
and I would barely hear how sweet
they were being in the curiosity.

I was simply too annoyed to see the beauty.


Then, as I unsuspectingly pulled
up to the exit of our neighborhood
and looked right to check the traffic,
I would see the most beautiful field covered in ice.

The winter sun shimmered on
the blanketed grass and
it looked like tiny crystals glowing.


How could I stay grumpy
when something so beautiful
glistened beneath the freezing air?

As I turned out of my neighborhood
to drive Griffin to his school
just up the road,
my heart took in all the beauty around me.

I offered up apologies to the winter air.


Linda D. said...

amazing ... Loved the pix and the imagery. It really touched me, and as always helps me stop to enjoy the incredible moments in my everyday life.

Singedwingangel said...

That is happening quite frequently around here lately. Winter is arriving with her icy breath and her mood swings. But when she shows off and leaves such beautiful things behind it is hard to stay mad isn't it.

Sue said...

Beautiful post. "Offering up apologies to the winter air"...just lovely.


Jenn said...

I loved the pics in this one and it was awesome I very much enjoyed reading this thank you for sharing all of these things with us. I think it is awesome that you do and you make a lot of friends doing it.