Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Rhythm of Summer : Week 1

We are just starting our journey into Summer
and in an effort to make sure
that I don't just plop my kids in front of the TV all day,
I am pulling out all the stops
to keep my children engaged and entertained.

I plan to document some of our
simple summer adventures here each week.


Playing in the kiddie pool on the back deck...


spraying daddy's shaving cream everywhere and making a huge mess...


reading awesome books...


littering the hallway with all kinds of menacing toys...


creating masterpieces...


and transforming our hallway
into an art gallery
so that the kids can sell
their masterpieces to unsuspecting visitors.

They've made $3.00 so far.

Thanks Nana.


Linda D. said...

Adorable! Kudos for keeping the kids gainfully occupied this summer. Looking forward to more "keeping the kids engaged" ideas!

angel shrout said...

We are in week 3 of vacation here. The weather is not cooperating too well because it was smothering 2 weeks ago, we get the pool up and it doesn't go above 74 and cooler at night. Making the pool ummm shall we say frigid...

Sue said...

This looks like my idea of summer fun!


Caroline said...

You're a good Mama, Leigh.

Will you adopt me? Summer at your house looks like it's going to be a blast!!

p.s. I love the art sale. ;) You have some budding curators on your hands! Go Mama GO! :)