Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breastmilk vs. Formula

NYC hospitals will no longer offer formula
to new moms to feed their babies.
Do you think this is a good move to encourage breastfeeding
or a threat to a woman's right to choose?

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Linda D. said...

What an interesting article! I think this controversy has been around for a while, but I never thought about the commercial aspect of formula insertion into the hospital routine!

The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

Of course it's commercial...formula companies pour big bucks into hospitals (and maternity clothing stores etc.) Formula was invented to help medically fragile babies. I don't think the intent was ever to replace breastfeeding, until someone clued into the money-making potential.
I've done both; the formula feeding was a reluctant and heartbreaking decision. I wrote about it here
as a means of making peace with what I felt was the only choice at the time. I'm pregnant again and look forward to having another shot at a successful breastfeeding relationship!

Sue said...

Sounds interesting. I'll go check it out.