Wednesday, February 6, 2013

eBay Goodness

We decided to sort through some boxes 
in the attic and my husband has decided
 to sale some of his favorite band's memorabilia.

He's collected some pretty amazing stuff over the years,
proving yet again that I married the coolest
and most New Wave guy ever.

There's posters, pins, patches, stickers, vinyl, and tour books!

Here's the links to the eBay auctions
that we have going right now.

If you're a Bowie lover
then you'll freak out of this collection.
Click here to see it.

We are selling INXS stuff out the wazoo!
Click here to check it out.

Any Morrissey fans out there?
Click here to see the goods.

DSC_0123_1_zps67e2e6a8 photo DSC_0123_1_zps9cff0f20.jpg

The collection of Prince Memorabilia is a-m-azing! 
The lace mask from the Purple Rain tour is out of control!
Check it all out here.

Happy Bidding!
Spread the word, will ya?


Linda D. said...

What a terrific collection and how lovely to be passing bits and pieces to other fans who will treasure those treasures! Makes me want to clean out my own memorabilia and spread the joy!

Andrea said...

Uh oh...must close window quickly before husband sees this (esp Morissey)! He has ebayed almost all of his hundreds of vinyls!

Sue said...

Cool stuff!