Thursday, June 19, 2008

Me vs. Laundry

I'm excited to start a Blog and I'm shocked that it took me this long to jump on my computer and muse. I am a journal writer by nature but since becoming a mom I find it to be more and more challenging to steal moments to actually write words down. Griffin loves to disrupt any epiphanies that I try to scribble in my journal. As I sit with pen in hand, poised to write my deepest darkest secrets, he stands behind me and plays with my hair while watching a cartoon. He leans on me and smacks me with his knees trying to get my attention. It's quite a challenge to have cathartic moments with a 3 year old on top of you. That's motherhood though...trying to grab a moment to grow without neglecting your little one.

I am finally accepting that I am a horrible housewife. the laundry is always stacked up, the house is littered with toys. Every single room is messy. But my child, who I tend to focus my energies is always clean and seems to be well balanced. I am actually fascinated that I'm starting to care about the condition of my house. For the moment I am resigned to pick up the same toys over and over. I am the master of "fake clean". I can have everything stuffed under the couch and all the dirty dishes tossed into the oven in 5 minutes. Whenever I really clean the house Griffin asks me "Who's coming over?" It's shameful.

Sometimes I get insecure that I am not living up to the domestic goddess that I should be. I asked Roger once when we were in South Georgia on a hunting excursion if he wanted me to bake a bundt cake and throw together a big country breakfast for him and his dad and fellow hunters. This one man's wife was always sending muffins and various baked treats with him to the cabin. I just knew that those men were pulling up hungry from hunting all morning to find me, outside with Griffin, throwing rocks in the pond, with nary a pot of coffee waiting for them in the kitchen. I mean Roger must have known when he married me what he was signing up for. So when I told him that I was sorry that they had to cook their own breakfast that morning Roger just smiled and said "When I married you I got roller coasters and glitter."

Well, hang on Roger, cause it's gonna be a wild ride!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

28 Days of Happiness :: 1

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My best friend Erin sent me this tiara for my birthday. I am in love with it and wear it around the house for no apparent reason other than it makes me feel delicious. I'll perch it upon my head as I do laundry sometimes or maybe while I'm cooking dinner. Who needs an excuse to wear something so fantastic?

This tiara makes me beyond happy.

Today is the first day of a project that I'm doing for the month of February. Each day I'm going to post a new photograph of something that makes me wildly happy. It's time for me to get acquainted with my new camera. Also, I'm feeling courageous enough to steal these small moments in my life and share them with you in the spirit of exploration.