Friday, May 31, 2013

Live List :: Give Cookies to Firemen

 photo b834d275-68a2-4a64-a94c-bc06e7bc8afe_zpsc352aefd.jpg

We are checking things off our summer live list!
We decided to bake some cookies and take them to the firemen.

 photo 5b601982-dd6b-4f78-97e0-c5483937fe38_zpscd65a401.jpg

The boys were so excited that they might have
eaten a couple hundred of the cookies
before we even left the house.

 photo 0a8bcf1b-a13d-411b-afa5-d34f97911960_zps05bddb2b.jpg

Griffin wrote the sweetest little note
to say thanks for all that the firemen do.

 photo DSC02509_zps2ec6afc2.jpg

We loaded up and went to the nearest firehouse
to deliver the goods.

 photo DSC02508_zpsd7af1a89.jpg 

The firemen were very appreciative.
One of them shouted
and snatched them out of Griffin's hands.

Then the boys got to sit on a real firetruck.

It was time well spent.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday :: Hide and Seek

Originally posted 7/16/11

I'm realizing that my days around here seem to run together.
Ordinary moments unfold around me daily
and I need to stop and relish in them.
One day, my boys will be out living life
and I will miss these everyday experiences.

So, I am taking the time to document
the simple moments that pass between us.
I'm calling this little collection of memories...

<span class=


Playing Hide and Seek with the Boys.

Lately, in the heat of the afternoon,
we've been playing hide and seek.
It is pretty hilarious to play with
a six year old and a two year old.

I love that when I hide my face to count to 20,
I can hear little feet scampering about the room.
I hear closet doors being thrown open,
a shower curtain sliding across the shower bar,
and squeals as my boys
franticly try to find a hiding place.
Kids just aren't that sneaky.


When Roger is home,
we pair off with the boys
and I just love hiding with Griffin.

He tries so hard to be quiet as we
hunker in the shower together and hide.
He has to hold his breath
or he will giggle.

He usually ends up giggling anyway.
We're pretty easy to find.


Koen cracks me up
because he thinks that if his eyes are hidden
that we can't see him.
His tiny feet pop out from
beneath all sorts of hiding places.

These are the sweetest games
we'll ever play together.

I treasure every silly moment.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The View from the Hammock

The hammock that the boys
gave me for Mother's Day
was such a huge hit that we
put another one up in the backyard.

It's just the right size for Koen
to curl up in there with me.
I love the seeing his little legs
interlaced with mine.


A canopy of green leaves shimmers
up above while I lazily swing back and forth.

The boys often climb in the other hammock.
I simply turn my head to see them snuggling in it.
Sometimes it's peaceful but most of the time
it's all shouting and fisticuffs. with boys is hardly ever quiet.
Any stolen moment of peace is a gift.

What I love most about the view
is that I can just lay there and watch the boys play.

It's the ultimate refuge after a long day.

I can see the entire yard from that vantage point.
If you ever can't find me around the house
it's because I'm sprawled out and taking a load off.

I love the view from the hammock.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Happiness Project :: Week 12

 photo DSC02466_zpse0211c1f.jpg

We celebrated Memorial Day
with an awesome day of fishing on the pond.

 photo DSC02462_zps27188735.jpg

We ate the best kind of picnic.
The nothing fancy,
toss food on a table
and eat it up picnic.

We even had yummy cupcakes
baked by our Aunt Kroger.

 photo DSC02476_zps8466256f.jpg

Koen hopped in the boat with my parents
and caught 3 fishies.

He was so proud.

 photo 5f555c37-ddc6-4d0b-bf35-4920ee6b6723_zps476050d8.jpg

I even caught a fish!

The words for the day were
patience, perseverance, determination, and confidence.

Griffin had to say them over and over
because the fish weren't biting for him.

In the end, after reciting these words
and over
and over,
he caught 4 fish!

It was one of those great
life lesson opportunities.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

God Bless America

Thank you to all the men and women
who have fought for our freedom!

Griffin made this windsock in Sunday school yesterday
and I plan to hang it on our porch every single
 Memorial Day from now until the end of time.

I hope that you and yours 
have a great Memorial Day!

We're goin' fishing!

Friday, May 24, 2013

A song for the weekend!

Lookie what I find hiding in a box in the attic!
Oh...I lurve these skates!
You can bet that I'll be skating
on the driveway this weekend!

This is my official theme song!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday :: 52 Weeks of Happiness :: Week 6

Originally posted 4/12/11


When the oven is busy baking.

I just love how the smell
of something sweet
cooking in the oven
attracts curious little noses to the kitchen.

It amazes me to think
how much I've grown to enjoy making treats.
Me, who was once a self proclaimed disaster in the kitchen.

Griffin's class is having a bake sale
to raise money for the people of Japan.

I was more than happy to spend the afternoon baking.


It makes me feel feminine somehow as my kitchen
becomes a flurry of activity.

The sound of the eggs cracking and
the spoon swishing to mix the ingredients,
these sweet kitchen noises make a house
sound more like a home.


I used to be so afraid of cooking but that was just because I was inexperienced.
I feel empowered now when
something yummy
comes out of the oven.

Baking can be a very healing experience.


Last night, after the oven was off and the muffins and brownies
were all wrapped up lovingly for the bake sale,

I languidly rocked Koen to sleep at bedtime. 
The smell of chocolate and powdered sugar
lingered on my spring dress.

It made me feel like a Mama.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Live List 2013

Summer Live List
{things I vow to do with boys before the end of summer}
{inspired by the Polished Pickle}

Pick strawberries at the strawberry patch and then bake a treat.
Visit our local airport and watch the planes take off and land.
Play at every single public playground in our small town.
Create a social sculpture and display it in a public place.
Open a lemonade stand in Nana and Poppy's driveway.
Bake cookies and take them to firemen to say thanks.
Go to a candy store and buy a bag full of candy.
Do a random act of kindness for a stranger.
Catch fireflies and put them in a jar.
See a live puppet show.
Camp under the stars.
Climb a mountain.
Swim in a lake.
Ride a train.

What are going to do this summer?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Happiness Project :: Week 11

We celebrated our 10th anniversary last week
so my parents watched the kids
and we headed down to Florida 
to celebrate with a beach trip, just the 2 of us!


It was so much fun.
We packed up a picnic lunch each day
and sat beneath a huge umbrella on the beach for hours on end.

I've never seen Roger more relaxed.

We went to a seafood market each day
and purchased fresh crab, shrimp, and scallops.

Then we whipped up amazing meals together
and sat on the balcony of our condo
and sipped on Rum and Coke while we ate dinner.

There's nothing better than sitting 
in the shade near the ocean
and reading a good book.

If we got too hot, we just dipped 
ourselves into the water and cooled off.

 The sunsets were stunning!
The perfect way to end a perfect day.


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Top 10 Reasons that I love that man of mine!

I'm back!
We had our 10 year anniversary last week
so we left the boys with my parents
and went to the beach to celebrate.

It was beyond awesome!

As a little gift to Roger, I've compiled a list
of all the reasons that I love him.
One reason for each year!

I don't write about him often on here
cause he's a super private person
but he's just gonna have to deal 
while I shower him with some Blog love!

  photo 1501b1c7-be13-4381-ba7c-a3785a1e9e40_zps05ab4247.jpg

 10. He wears a cowboy hat and Elvis sunglasses on the beach.

9. He taught me how to cook and didn't get annoyed even once if I burned dinner or if the salt shaker lid accidentally fell off
and dropped too much salt into a dish.

8. He dances like James Brown.

7. If I walk past him at any given moment, he always smacks my butt.

6. He follows directions well. Like when I told him when we were dating how much I love to get flowers
 and now at every special occasion I get a bouquet.
Even if he has to leave the house at midnight to fetch them.

5. From the moment he walks in the door from work
to the moment that our children are in bed, he is fully engaged 
and doing all sorts of daddy duties.

4. He calls me on his drive to work to tell me that he misses me.

3. He prays with me.

2. He loves all Jane Austen movies but also loves to hunt.

1. I always feel safe when he's near.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Happiness Project :: Week 10

Turns out that we have a family of armadillos 
living under our front porch.
 I know this because I saw a mama and her 4 babies
parade in a line through my front yard like it was
 flippin' armadillo appreciation day. 
They practically threw candy at me as they passed.

My dad did a little research and
came over Friday evening with
all the supplies needed to trap an armadillo.

Don't worry,
no animals were harmed
in the making of this post!

The men set to the task
of making a little channel
to guide them into a live trap.

It was an event.

We woke up the next morning with
a little critter stuck in the cage!

Knowing that they can carry leprosy,
no one handled the little guy, I promise.

My husband wanted to send it to
the pearly gates and be over with it
but the children begged and pleaded
to simply relocate it.

In the end, we drove 5 miles over the county line,
pulled over to the side of a non-trafficy road,
and let the armadillo out by the bank of a river.

The boys unstrapped their seatbelts
and leaned out the window to bid farewell to "Billy".

He scooted off to his new home
happy and sniffing around like nobody's business.

I love it that my kids have such compassion for animals
and you can bet that Roger got extra smooches
later that evening for taking the time
to give "Billy" a chance at a new life by the river.

Only 5 more armadillos to go!


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Monday, May 13, 2013

I am one blessed mama!

Mother's day was awesome!
My mama made a deal with the lady
at our Kroger bakery
that if my she brought in a gluten free cake,
the baker would ice it with pretty flowers.

It was such a treat
cause us gluten free folks
don't get super fancy cakes, ever.

Roger and the boys gave me flowers!
I suspected I would get them
because the night before Koen said
"Mama loves flowers the most!"
Then he slapped his hand over his mouth
and shouted "Oops, I shouldn't have said that!"

I totally acted surprised, though.

My refrigerator art gallery 
gained some amazing kid made art.

Griffin drew a wonderful poratrait
of me that kind of looked like
Clint Eastwood.


My big gift was a hammock for the backyard.
Roger stood and guarded me from the boys
who were super excited and wanted to 
kick me out of my gift and swing in it.

He stood there and shooed off the boys
for 7 whole minutes.

It was the best 7 minutes of my day!