Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Legend of Tomorrow :: Episode 4

When we last left the residents 
of the sleepy town of Tomorrow, 
Helen and Lovelace were having a show down in the woods
while Mindy suffered alone in a dark ally
after being run down by Helen's horse. 

After a heated argument
where Helen confronted Lovelace
of his intentions to leave her for Mindy,
the couple came to their senses
and realized they were more powerful
together than apart.

They fled to the town 
of Yesterday to rob banks
and start a life on the run.

Many years passed,
and everyone in town
assumed that Mindy had run off with Lovelace.

She had really pulled herself up from the ground and ran 
two towns back to a place called The Day After Yesterday
where she finished out her pregnancy in seclusion.

She raised her daughter, Sally
as a single mom.
Working two shifts at the Hunter's Lodge
and barely making enough to scrape by.

After struggling for years,
she decided to best thing 
would be to return to Tomorrow
and drop Sally off at the local church.

She had little choice,
so she moved in the cloak of night,
darkness enveloping her shame. 

But the town gossip, Vicky happened by on her sled
and couldn't believe her eyes when she saw 
Mindy and Sally.

The child was a mirror image of Corbin.
She moved fast to the town square
to share the news.

Trudy and Corbin
were devastated when Mindy
never showed up for her surprise party.

They found comfort in each other
and fell in love.
The two paid a visit to the square every year
on the same day to lament Mindy.

This year would be different
as Vicky shared the news of seeing
Mindy leave Sally at the church
before leaving town.

Shocked, Corbin dumped Trudy
and ran to the arms of his little girl. 

She reminded him so of Mindy 
and he just couldn't stay a moment longer with Trudy.

His heart belonged to Mindy and Sally.

Heartbroken, Trudy packed up previsions
and hopped onto a canoe,
paddling put into the icy waters,
her tears freezing on her cheeks.
to leave the town of Tomorrow.

But a snowstorm was heading her way!

Meanwhile, news was spreading fast
that Lovelace and Helen had been up
to things far more sinister than robbing banks.

Tune in next year to find out...

Does Corbin find Mindy?
Will Trudy make it out there in the cold world?
What are Lovelace and Helen up to?

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Legend of Tomorrow :: Episode 3

When we last left the residents
of the sleepy town of Tomorrow,
Helen had just been given a vial of poison
to use on her philandering husband, Lovelace
and his suspected mistress, Mindy.

As she rode through the town square,
Helen saw Mindy up ahead
and in a fit of passion, kicked her horse into 
a frenzy and he barrelled through town towards her nemesis.

Her horse chased Mindy down a secluded alley
and trampled her to the ground.
She fell over without the slightest scream.

Corbin's baby would surely be lost now.

In a panic, Helen fled the Village of Tomorrow
and left Mindy alone, suffering in isolation.

Hours later, when Lovelace couldn't find Mindy,
he ventured out into the woods to see
if she'd escaped to clear her mind.

He wanted her to move to the town
of Yesterday with him with all of his heart.

He searched well into the night.

Meanwhile, Helen had fled in
such a hurry that she mistakingly
dropped the vial of poison in the snow.

Little Lucy Smith happened upon it
and thought that it was fruit juice,
drinking down the poison in one gulp.

Her knees buckled and she fell to the snow,
the world spinning as she tried to focus her eyes.

Even the ducks were worried about her.

The next morning, a crowd had gathered
in the town square at the request of Corbin and Trudy.

It was Mindy's birthday and they had organized 
an awesome party but Mindy never arrived to
hear them shout "Surprsie!"

It had all been a horrible mistake.

Helen and Lovelace happened upon each other in the woods.

She reached into her pocket for the vial of poison
and realized it was no longer in her pocket.

Lovelace pretended to be excited to see her
but kept one hand on the pistol in his pocket.
He would marry Mindy
even if it meant ending Helen.

Only one of them would leave the woods alive!

Tune in next time to find out...
Did Mindy lose Corbin's baby?
Would little Lucy Smith survive?
Could the guests return all of Mindy's birthday presents for a full refund?
Who survives in the fight between Helen and Lovelace?
All of this and more will be revealed on the next episode of
The Village of Tomorrow.

The Legend of Tomorrow :: Episode 2

When we last left Mindy,
she was seeking solace at The Hunter's Tavern
after seeing her ex-boyfriend, Corbin
tightening the laces on her sister, Trudy's ice skates
in the middle of the town square.

She knew better than to drink away her worries,
there was a slight chance that she was carrying Corbin's child.
Instead, she wandered over to the cafe and ate two pancake specials,
 with bacon, a side of hashbrowns, a biscuit, a slice of apple pie,
 and drank 6 cups of coffee.

She was always an emotional eater.

As she walked home with an upset stomach
and a broken heart, she happened upon Mr. Lovelace.
She took a step back, they had always loved each other from afar
but he was engaged to Helen, Mindy's arch enemy.

Mindy knew better than to get tangled up with Lovelace.
Yet, her heart raced beneath her heaving chest as they spoke.

Helen happened upon the two talking,
her heart stopped because she knew that
Lovelace had always carried a torch for Mindy.

As she hid behind a snow covered tree,
she heard the dreaded words escape Lovelace's mouth;

"Mindy, forget Corbin. You know that I've always loved you."

Helen's tears froze on her cheeks
as she hurried to the town medium, Zelda for advice.

She told her that the only way to stop 
Mindy and Lovelace would be to destroy both of them.

She gave her a vile of poison to do with what she saw fit.

Mindy had fled from Lovelace,
her heart was shattered by Corbin
and she knew she would never love again.

Lovelace came to her in the night,
declaring his love and begging her to run away 
with him to the town of Yesterday, which
was two towns over.

They could get jobs and live on love.

Meanwhile, back in the town square,
Corbin leaned in closer to Trudy
as they planned a surprise birthday party for Mindy.

He missed her so and Trudy was a great party planner.
The two spoke in whispers as they made plans.

It was all a huge misunderstanding.

Tune in next time to find out...
will Helen poison Lovelace?
Will Mindy move to the town of Yesterday with Lovelace?
Was she carrying Corbin's baby?
Would she find out about the surprise the party?

All of this and more will be revealed on the next episode of
The Village of Tomorrow.

The Legend of Tomorrow :: Episode 1

 This is a rerun of 2011's
first episode of the Legend of Tomorrow.
Tune in here tomorrow
for the next episode of drama
 and intrigue.

Will Mindy confront Trudy
for stealing Corbin?

Did Mindy go on a bender at the Hunter's Tavern?



In a small valley lies
a quaint village named Tomorrow.
Where the lights twinkle by night
and passion simmers in the light of day.


In the center of town you will find
Lovers Park where residents mingle
and hearts break from day to day.


On this cold winter afternoon
all seems well within the village,
yet a heartbroken young lady
by the name of Mindy is going for
an innocent stroll.

Little does she know that
disaster awaits behind the park gate.


There she spied her ex-lover, Corbin
tightening the laces of another lady's ice skates.

Her spirit dropped as she was already mending
a broken heart from Corbin leaving her
only days before.

She had suspected there was another woman.


She quickly hid behind the topiary
as to not be seen by the couple.
It was then she saw that the other woman
was none other than her sister Trudy.


How could they do this to her?
The display of public affection
sent her spiraling out of control
with wild rage and passion.


She found herself at the Hunter's Tavern.
The last time she went on a bender at the tavern
she ended up flipping tables
and making out with Noah the cute bartender.
That had been years ago.

Could she drown her worries in ale?
In her heart she knew
that it was a bad idea.

After all, she was carrying Corbin's baby!

To be continued...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Happiness Project :: A weekend away with the girls.

I spent the weekend playing in a house
in the mountains with some of my girlfriends.

No Kids.
No husbands.
No plans,
except to relax.

We saw beautiful sunrises.

Ate yummy food...

 and sat around and read trash magazines.

You really can't beat time spent with good friends. 

Want to join me in my quest
to scout out happiness in our lives?
Simply post a photo of something that
makes you wildly happy and tell us all about it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Happiness Project :: Decking the halls

Last night we pulled all the Christmas decorations
out from the attic, put on a little holiday music, and 
decked the halls over at our house. 

It's always so exciting 
and fun to help daddy put the tree up.

The boys nearly came to fistycuffs 
about who would put the first ornament on the tree.
So, I counted to 3 and they simultaneously
hung their ornaments.

Will we ever be out of this competitive phase?

In the end,
we had a great time 
dancing around to the music 
and remembering each ornament. 
Koen kept insisting that
he made ornaments that
obviously came from a store.
That's another phase were going through,
telling tall tales.
Which is super cute
but not a good habit to get in.
I love having a 5-year-old 
in the family.

I adore our Christmas tree
and the memories we made 
putting it up together.

Want to join me in my quest
to scout out happiness in our lives?
Simply post a photo of something that
makes you wildly happy and tell us all about it.