Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My brother and his kids came to visit from Colorado last week. Griffin's cousin Nora is 5 months older than him and let me tell you, these two kids love each other sooo much. From the moment Griffin saw Nora at my mom's house, he refused to come home. He stayed the night over there every night she was there. They had breakfast together, they pretended to be pirates together, they took baths together. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Not to mention that I enjoyed the little vacation of having my evenings and mornings to just relax while he stayed at my mom's.

After they left on Sunday, we distracted Griffin with a trip to Chuck-E-Cheeses and it seemed to cheer him up a bit. Well, it all caught up with him last at about 6pm. His bottom lip pooched out and he said as he fought back tears "Why do people have to leave?" I sat next to him and put my arm around him, which seemed to annoy him more than anything. I said "It's ok to be sad that Nora went home." In which he replied, "I'M NOT SAD!" at the top of his lungs. I tried to coax him outside to play for a distraction but halfway through the living room he through himself on the ground and had a good cry. He crawled up in my lap and I just held him as he continued to insist that he wasn't sad between sobs. Eventually, he feel alseep in Roger's lap on the living room floor. We gently put him in bed for the night as he whimpered in his sleep and he slept for 13 hours. Poor little guy was feeling some big emotions.

That's the hard part about loving someone so much. I think that today were going to paint a picture to send to Nora in Colorado and he can insist with every brush stroke that he's not sad and that there is no way that he misses his lovely cousin Nora. Oh...to be 3 again!

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