Thursday, October 16, 2008

A "Griffin's in charge" photoshoot

The other afternoon Griffin and i headed outside to play (remember my pledge to toss him outside more often?) I fetched the camera on the way out the door and Griffin instantly started posing and setting up shots. This is what went down...
That first shot is entitled "Hey mom, take a picture of me running up the driveway!"

This one is called "Oh, let's take a picture of me digging now!"

These shots are entitled "Now, take a picture of me jumping!"

The final shot is called "You gotta get a picture of my rock collection!"
It was a great afternoon.


Me said...

I love this Leigh! You have such a great yard/property for adventures... and photo shoots. ;)
L i n h

Mary Jessica said...

That kid can jump high! Also, I love seeing your woodsy house. It's like you're Laura Ingalls Wilder out there.