Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So my friend MJ, who I find to be rather dreamy and talented, came over for a "kitchen cut" the other day. I love it when MJ comes over because we have those conversations that just flow and don't ever seem to stop. Long after her hair is cut and styled we will sit at my dining room table and just groove. It's refreshing.

Anyway, she told me about this great blog called SouleMama and I must say that this woman is on fire with creativity and beauty. I've taken to reading her older posts and catching up with her life whenever I have a free moment. Although I know that I will never be the type of woman who has a fertile garden or cans food for the long winter, I have my own sense of soul. My house is not littered with wooden toys but plastic Walmart toys that my son adores. I'm okay with this. Yet, I find this stranger's life to be intoxicating and it has inspired me to create a list of changes I'd like to make in my life or home.

Here ya have it...
1. Turn the TV off. This is a hard one. I have no excuse and I admit that I love PBS and let Griffin watch too much TV. He loves it of course as well as mom loves a break in the afternoon while he watches Clifford the Big Red Dog and I can drift off into my world. Yet, Clifford leads to Curious George and from there the shows unravel and before we know it, the afternoon is gone. No more. I'm gonna bust out Candy land or construct a Hot Wheels track.

2. I've got to worry less. Yesterday I found out that our tap water is contaminated with ROCKET FUEL! Holy crap...I'm growing a baby and I've been drinking ROCKET FUEL! Although this is horrible and scary, I can't dwell on it. Nor can I sit around and torture myself worrying about the war in Iraq or the "bailout" or whatever other crap is happening out there in the world. It's one thing to be informed and active. It's another to lose sleep at night over things that I have no control over. So I will buy bottled water and not obsess over this issue anymore. I hope!

3. We need to spend more time outside. Screw the mosquitoes and the heat. I need to throw my kid outside more and let him get down and dirty. With the arrival of fall will come cooler weather and a chance to soak in some fresh air.

Okay, that's all I got as of now. I need to go dye my hair and drink a bottled water. As the tiny epiphanies come and shake up my little world I will jot down my inspirations. No matter how simple or silly they may be.


risa bug said...

I'm laughing as i read this because i was talking on the phone to leigh about a week ago and griffin had to pee really bad. he was afraid to use the available bathroom (daddy was in the other one), so leigh took him outside to go. and i quote, "pee on the bush griffin - it needs to be watered." i wonder if this constitutes spending time outside

Mary Jessica said...

You, my friend, are TOTALLY dreamy, and I love hanging out at your kitchen table.