Monday, November 24, 2008

My little life...

Griffin has spent the majority of today in his underwear and jumping on the couch all afternoon. It's a glamorous life.
Don't be jealous!

Over the weekend Roger and I dropped the kiddo off at my mom's house and we saw Twilight. It was dreamy and made me want to go to prom with a moody 17 year old vampire. Instead, I came home and snuggled with my very own mortal of a husband. It was nice.

One thing that I love about Roger that he loves that I love about him is the fact that he owns every video game system from Atari up to X Box. (No, we don't have a Wii and we're not happy about it) He pulled out the Play station 2 and we have been playing the game Spyro. It's a game about a lovable Dragon that flies around this fantastic shiny world. Griffin loves it, I hate to admit. We spent some of the weekend on the couch as a family playing this silly game. The family that games together stays together!

So to wrap up...

Jumping on couch in underwear

Teenage Vampire Movie

Dragon video game

Welcome to my silly little world.

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