Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am woman, watch me leave your office!

I stumbled upon this wonderful picture that Erin took of Griffin when he was just a few hours old and it got me thinking. I am 22 weeks pregnant with my second one and starting to really meditate on the delivery of this baby. Every pregnant woman has a moment when they pause and realize that the baby has to come out somehow and more than likely she will be the one to push it out. It's a bit daunting. So I pulled out my Hypnobirthing book and I'm brushing up on my self hypnosis skills. I used that method for Griffin's delivery and all things considered (31 hour labor) it went really well.

I decided to get a doula after a conversation I had with Wynn at Chic-fil-a one morning. Yes, there was a chicken biscuit involved and maybe some hash browns. She told me about this amazing woman named Pat Nielson who is a doula and owns a really great pregnancy center for new moms that has kind of turned into a hub for us mommies. Hypnobirthing is a new practice and most OB's and nurses have never even heard of it so, I decided to use her so that Roger can focus on being my coach instead of running interference between me and the nurses.

Anyhoo...when I mentioned it to my OB, he said that I could not have a doula. He REFUSES to work with one and so does the majority of the Doctors in that practice. Pardon my French but, can you believe that shit? I politely said thank you and good bye and took my butt over to the midwives.

The Midwives is an amazing birthing center here in Athens. I met with one of the ladies and loved her so much that I wanted to crawl up in her lap and suck my thumb. I love the feeling in the office too. When I walked in, one of the receptionists exclaimed "OH MA GOD, I LOVE THAT PURSE!" while waving her hands in the air "MAY I HOLD IT?" As I handed it to her I had wonderful sense that I was home.

More importantly, they are going to support my quest for a natural birth, which honestly, is a quest that I would gladly have end with a nice warm epidural. I'm going to at least pretend that I can make it without drugs and maybe accidentally find myself able to accomplish this task. I want my doula rubbing my back, Roger hypnotizing me, my midwife slapping me in the face and gently saying "YOU CAN DO THIS!", and a nurse down at my crotch ready to catch my baby. Yes, I will have an army of support.

No smelly OB saying "I'm the doctor here!" and kicking my doula out of the room as I cry.

I am very pleased with myself for taking charge of my own birth experience and I can't wait to hold my little boy with my shining team all around me.

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