Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I got bit by the Christmas bug...

Last year our Christmas tree was pitiful. We waited way too long to get it and it was one of three left at Lowes. It really was a pathetic little tree. It was concave and it kind of leaned a bit to the left. So you can bet your sweet ass that right after Thanksgiving I started to campaign for a Christmas tree. I wanted a glorious tree that was tall and fat. Well, I got it and I love it. We put on an Elvis Christmas album and pulled out all of the ornaments. It would have been perfect except that I made the mistake of letting Griffin play Spyro to distract him while Roger and I got the tree on the stand, put on the lights, etc. It backfired in a big way because he didn't want to stop to decorate the tree. He spent the whole time saying things like "This isn't cool, I want to play video games instead!" I mean, it's not like he's 13, the kid is only 4. So I put him in charge of the back of the tree where he could kind of hide behind it like he was in a fort and you know what? It worked. He got really into it and the back of the tree looks amazing! It's very surreal to start all of these traditions as a parent. I hope that it's not a tradition for Griffin to bitch and moan about how uncool the whole process is. I hope that I can keep him excited about all this Christmas crap until he's at least 7 years old.

I love my new Christmas tree so much that I named it Mitch.

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Me said...

It's purty! We just put ours up today - it's my first tree ever! (As an adult that is...)