Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A whirwind of fun.

Here are two lovely pics from our Christmas celebration at my mom's house. It was so much fun to watch Griffin peak out from a huge pile of presents. I have about 500 pictures that I want to post but I'm feeling a bit lackluster after all of our celebrations.

With Griffin's b-day being on December 23, the insanity started very early. We had a Chuck-E Cheese b-day party for him on December 13 so that all of his friends would be in town to celebrate with him. The craziness started then and just came to a halt two days ago. Highlights included a HUGE Spiderman cake that was almost destroyed before we blew out the candles because we made the mistake of sitting it next to Griffin during dinner and he kept sticking his finger in the cake and licking the icing. Griffin also earned 385 tickets. That's a butt load of tickets!

We had a b-day party at school, complete with cupcakes, a presentation of his life, and a beautiful birthday ritual in front of his class that involved a sun on the floor with all of the months laid around it in a circle. He held the earth and walked around the sun 4 times as the children sang this wonderful little song about the 365 days a year of Griffin. I made a little poster with pictures of his sweet life so far. It was so Montessori and very moving.

Then on his actual birthday my Mom and I braved the Atlanta traffic and took him to the Georgia Aquarium. (Ok, I'll admit, we were a bit overindulgent about the b-day celebrations but I have mother's guilt for having him so close to Christmas) Griffin loved seeing the whale sharks and otters. It was a success.

Then, came a roll out of Christmas celebrations. Christmas Eve at my mom's house with my brother. Which was great because we scored a Wii! Christmas morning at our house left our living room looking like a wrapping paper war zone. ( We still have gifts in unopened boxes!) Christmas afternoon with Roger's family which involved 5 small children running around all hopped up on sugar. Then on Dec 27, we had one more celebration with Roger's BIG family.


It was an amazing and quite exhausting holiday.

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Me said...

Happy belated birthday Griffin! The party/ceremony at school sounds so special and sweet.

A Wii!!! You are going to LOVE it!