Monday, January 26, 2009

Me fall go boom!

I'll start this scary post by telling you that me
and Cohen are okay.

I was outside on Friday afternoon chasing Griffin
on his Big Wheel
when he lost control and was
heading for a nasty embankment. I
foolishly trotted behind him
and snatched his jacket to try to stop him.
He pulled me over and I took a
nasty tumble onto the concrete.

Luckily, I turned my body so
my 29 week pregnant belly
did not take a direct hit.
My poor hand, knee, and elbow absorbed
most of the fall.
I still ended up in the Emergency room
hooked up to fetal monitors all night.
It was scary.
I had contractions that were 3
minutes apart.
We weren't sure for a little
while how things were going
to go for me and Cohen.

They gave me a shot that
stopped the contractions and after a night of
I am finally back home.
Sore...bruised...and so relieved
that me and the baby are okay.
I am on bed rest for a
few days.

I'm hanging in there and feel
so blessed that Cohen is still in the oven.

Life is so exciting these days.
I'm ready for a nice normal week.


charmed i'm sure said...

Leigh - glad you and your boys are careful!!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Wow- I bet that was a very scary moment!