Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let's celebrate!!!

Today is the day that I have been waiting for...

My mom is coming home from Colorado for good!

My brother has been restored to a good place and my mom gets "The mother of the year award."

With her arrival comes a helping hand, a loving embrace, a babysitter to watch Griffin while I give birth that I know has longer than a 2 hour babysitting threshold, (Sorry Poppy!) a listening ear, a nurturing heart, and the beautiful gift of sanity for a woman who is set to give birth in 33 days.

I am breathing a huge sigh of relief and trying to give myself a pat on the back (without pulling my groin muscle) because I made it 8 weeks without her here.

In was a hell of a time.

We survived
*The Flu (all 3 of us at once)
*Pink eye
*A nasty fall with a trip to the Emergency Room
*Bed Rest
*A week long toothache that ended in a root canal for mommy
*A snow storm

I am so ready to have her home. I am so ready to have this baby!

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