Friday, April 3, 2009

Beauty all around us

I have been nesting.
In the process I have realized
how much I love the little treasures
that make this my home.

Like stacked Fiesta Ware in the kitchen and these salt and pepper shakers. I admired them at a store at Callaway Gardens and my Dad snook back in and bought them for me for Christmas years ago. It's almost silly how much joy they bring me!

This stained glass that hangs in my bedroom window. It used to hang in my parent's house when I was growing up and then they passed it on to me. I wake up every morning to this beauty presenting the morning light.

These amazing one of a kind tiles that my friend Linda hand painted for me.
She just moved back to Australia, so they are extra special to me.

A sweet dish that was my grandmother's makes for a lovely soap dish.
Despite a repaired crack, I think it's immaculate.

Disclaimer: this is all a feeble attempt to distract
myself from the fact that I am waiting to go into labor.
Thank you for joining me.

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Unknown said...

I remember that stained glass window! :)