Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Live list

I am knee deep in summer and trying my hardest to not just laze about. It's so hot here in Georgia, it's easy to just sit inside in the air conditioning and waste the day away. I was lucky enough to be inspired by a Blog called The Polished Pickle. Here is my live list or things I want to do this summer

*Go to the Athens Farmer's Market early one Saturday and buy fresh veggies
*Introduce my boys to bands like The Flaming Lips or The Shins
*Go out on a date with my husband and make out in the car
*Muster up all my courage and take pictures with my Holga
*Have a picnic with lots of fresh fruit, cheese, and wine
*Have a dance party with my long lost girlfriends.
*Take Griffin to swimming lessons
*Make homemade Popsicles
*Wear flowers in my hair
*Eat watermelon

1 comment:

Megan Marie said...

Love it! Ambitious for a mother with such a little one! You're phenomenal!