Monday, June 29, 2009

Why I love the grocery store

I find pleasure in simple tasks,
like going to the grocery store.
I've always loved it, even as a young child
favorite day was when my Mom took us grocery shopping.

She would give me a list of all the items we needed
that were on the lower part of the shelf.
I felt so grown up as I tossed Macaroni and Cheese
into my own little plastic shopping cart.

You know the cart I'm talking about...
the one almost every little girl had in 1978.

Yup...that's the one! love for the grocery store
shifted once I went to C0
Whenever I was heartbroken or angst ridden
I would go to the grocery store.
Maybe it was the bright colors that cheered me up.
Maybe it was because it was a way for me
to be surrounded by people when I felt lonely.
For whatever reason, I really found comfort
in wandering aimlessly at my local Kroger.
I was a lost soul that took shelter
in the magazine aisle

Now, as an adult, I still have a love for the grocery store.
I think that now it's because I am there
to nurture my family with my well
thought out purchases.
I love it because when it's hot outside
and we feel cooped up
I'll pack up the kids and go wander around
in the air conditioning and pick
out crap we don't need.
Like bubbles, magic markers, and Hot wheels.
It is instant entertainment for the hot and bored child.

Today my Mom stopped by and
I escaped to Kroger while she stayed home
with the boys.
It was like a day at the spa for me.
The luxury of selecting my groceries in silence
bewitched me and before I knew it,
I had snatched my camera
and taken a picture of a place
and time that I could call all my own.

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