Sunday, September 13, 2009

How my weekend was ruined: An Outline

I. Roger meets an idiot at work
1. The idiot sneezes and coughs on Roger all morning.
2. The idiot tells Roger that he thinks that he has a sinus infection.
3. The idiot rubs his grubby hands all over the same computer keyboard as Roger.
4. The idiot tells Roger that his girlfriend has the Swine Flu
a. We decide that me and the boys should stay at my parent's house for the weekend.
*Don't judge or label me as a paranoid mommy please. We've been dealing with colds,
Tummy Bugs, and teething for 6 weeks. The last thing I want to bring into my home
is the flu of any kind.

II. I make big plans
1. I will go the the flea market with my Dad on Saturday morning while my mom watches
the boys.
2. I will go out to dinner with my girlfriends and drink a Margarita and eat queso and have
a much needed break.

III. Koen decides to have alert time again
1. We are up from 1 am to 4 am
2. I might have cried a few times.

IV. I get sick
1.Wake up and cancel trip to flea market so I can get some sleep.
2. Lay down for 3 hours unable to sleep.
3. I start crying.
4. I get the chills
5. Then I start sweating.
6. Then I get the chills again.
7. My body aches.
8. I get a fever
9. Holy crap, I think that I might have the flu.
10. Call Pediatrician and they send me to Urgent Care to get a flu test.
11. I am freaking out because I don't want to my baby to get the Flu.

V. My worst nightmare actualized
1. Arrive at Urgent care to find the waiting room full.
2. A woman walks out of Doctors Office into the waiting room crying hysterically because
something is wrong with her baby. Her husband is holding her and she's yelling "Why, no?"
between sobs.
3. A teenage girl sitting across from me is wearing a surgical mask and looks like she is about
to die.
4. I send my Dad to get me McDonald's because I haven't eaten all day. Then, I get too
paranoid of germs to eat it. I am starving. I have to pee but refuse to go cause of germ
infested bathroom.

VI. I have a breakdown all over a nurse
1. They call me in.
2. I start to tell the nurse all about the fact that I haven't slept more than a 3 hour stretch
in weeks thanks to my baby.
3. I start crying
4. I start hallucinating little colorful dots floating around the room.
5. I get light headed.
6. They give me the Flu Test.

VII. I found out what's wrong with me.
1. The flu test comes back negative.
2. I have sleep deprivation and extreme fatigue
3. They give me directions to leave the children with a loved one, take Tylenol PM, sleep
as much as I can. I can bring the children home when my fever is gone.
4. I almost faint at the receptionist's desk.

VIII. Sanity slowly seeps back in.
1. I go home, Roger spoon feeds me Chicken Noodle Soup.
2. I take Tylenol PM and sleep 4 hours.
3. I wake up to pump breast milk for Koen and Roger and my dad take turns transporting
the milk to Koen.
4. Wake up this morning and my fever is gone.
5. This is the first time I've been out of bed.

IX. I am now going back to bed.


Lee said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, and I am glad it isn't the flu. Sleep is essential...I get what it's like without it...haven't slept all night since my ovaries took a permanent vacation.

2Wired2Tired said...

Oh, wow! I hope you are feeling better soon. How terrible! Now we know why sleep deprivation is a form of torture. It's so wonderful that your family is chipping in and being so helpful. That's what families are for!

Atlanta said...

My Mom ended up in the hospital because she was so exausted her body just stopped wanting to work for her. Same thing. Fever, she passed out... so yeah take a little better care of yourself my dear or you wont be ABLE to take care of that baby! looks like hubby will be waking up a few more times in the night for feedings! Crack that whip! Just tell him that if he doesnt you will end up in the hospital and he will have to do it ALL. That'll get'em. ;) Hope you get feeling better.

Casey said...

So this is the first time I stop by and you're telling me I might catch Swine Flu from your blog?

I'm glad it wasn't something more serious. I remember those all night zombie with a kid to take care of nights and they're impossible. Here's to more sleep soon.

Casey said...

Oh yeah, good move not eating in the ER. I was in one not too long ago and I could practically see the germs floating in the air.

Erin Bennett Jenkins said...

I love you sweet thing. Call me when you get up.