Monday, November 23, 2009

Winner: Dandy edition

We have a winner for Freak show Friday. There were so many really awesome captions this week but here are the top three in no particular ordere rules and I say it's OK.

Leigh vs Laundry
After this photo was taken Travis changed his name to "Sweet Trav".

"Travis passed on the traditional headshots
...preferring instead to go for the "I give good head" shots."

"When cherubs grow up. Not so cute anymore."

The winner is
(drumroll please)


"When cherubs grow up. Not so cute anymore."

UBERMOUTH is the most awesome
hilarious Blogger in all of Blogland.
Now hop on over and pat her on the back
and admire this award she just received
to put on her Blog in all it's glory.

Thanks to all who played along.
I love you all and your funny brains!
Please tune in this Friday for another episode of Freak show Fridays.


Lee said...

Love your new header!! Awesome!!

Ally Wasmund said...

I agree! I love your new blog look!

congrats to the winner :)

Ducky said...

Luuuv! The new header! Super fun!

Congrats to the winner

Unknown said...

congrats to the winner and I concur with my preceding commenters LOVE the new header that is too funny and a lot like how I feel on a daily basis roflmbo

Raoulysgirl said...

I am honored to be a finalist!

Whew...the competition is FIERCE!!!


Thank you! I LOVE this weekly competition and am honoured to have won considering how funny all your commenters are.[not like my dull witted half wits]. :)

I shall display your award proudly.

Tami G said...

LOVE the winner quote!
good pick - Hilarious!!!!

and yes - luvin the new look :)

Tami G

Tracie said...

Mooooooog didn't win? Congrats to Ubermouth! Funny stuff.