Monday, June 14, 2010

Winner : Gunshow Edition

We have a winner for this week's installment of Freakshow Friday. Please take note that my super hilarious and non biased best friend was the judge. Here are the top three in no particular order.
nobody dared asked joe where he kept maggie's twin.

Caroline of Salsa Pie

Poor Joe, little did he know it was actually his wife who gave birth.

Guns like these don't shoot blanks.

The winner is...

nobody dared asked joe where he kept maggie's twin.

is the funniest blogger in all the land!
I'm so proud of her!!!
Now head on over to her Blog
and marvel at this fantastic award she just earned
to proudly display forever.

Thanks to all the people who played.
Tune in this Friday for another instalment of Freakshow Friday!


Susan Anderson said...

Cool! I'm making strides on this game...

Congrats to W for taking the prize!


Caroline said...

Yay! Top three! Congrats to W as well! I love this game!

Vanessa said...

WOO-HOO! Go W!!!

w said...

oh man! i'm so excited!

and here i was all ready with my foil!

thanks so much!

Teddy Started It said...

Hahahaha!! Poor Maggie's Twin.

Good job, Winn!!

Ducky said...

Where do you FIND this stuff?!?

Thanks for the hearty laugh :o)