Friday, August 13, 2010

Bye bye summer, hello sanity!

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Today marks the last day of summer for us and it is bittersweet.
Many mornings I woke up at six am already overwhelmed.
I had twelve hours to fill before my husband got home from work.

There were meltdowns that unfolded as we walked down the aisles at Walmart.
We stormed up and down the frozen food section
bickering and fussing.

There were days when the television might have been on for six hours
while I sat on the couch and whimpered.

There were moments when I questioned my position in life as a Stay at Home Mom.

There were moments when I looked up and realized
that both of my kids were suddenly running around the house naked.

There were the days when zero housework got done
and we each took turns saying "Ouch!"
as we stubbed our toes on scattered toys.

There were desperate playdates
where we unleashed our children on the McDonald's playground
and the frazzled Moms all drank milkshakes.

Then there were the good days.

Where I woke up to smiling faces and enjoyed
not having to rush to get out the door for school

There were dance parties filled with good music and wild laughter.

There were trips to get ice cream.

There were early morning trips to the park
that were full of fun and exploration.

There were evenings spent eating homemade Popsicles
as we sat on the front porch and waited for Daddy
to get home from work.
We would cover him with sticky kisses when he arrived.

There were bedtime baths taken in a small swimming pool outside,
as they floated in carefree bubbles,
their little bare bottoms glistened in the summer sun.

The good, the difficult, the fantastic, the exhausting
days of summer are coming to a close.
I can't believe that I survived it.

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R Montalban said...

Lovely photograph. Dexter and the rest of his school don't go back until next Thursday.

Unknown said...

Mine started back on Wednesday.. I miss them but am so grateful to not hear Mom I am bored lol

Courtney said...

Although I'm not a mother, I got back to college on Monday! I'm kinda dreading it!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

We still have four more weeks!

Big Fat Gini said...

We have a week left before our oldest heads back to school. I'm relieved, but sad because it marks major changes for him. I'm most definitely ready to get back to a normal routine...

Alicia said...

lol...i wrote a post exactly like this today!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! we survived!!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful post, Leigh! And so good to know that other moms out there were doing many of the same things we were....yay!

Caroline said...

You describe the good and the bad days so well! We all have them!
Where did this summer go? I'm not complaining because pregnancy and hot weather do not love one another. I'll be glad when a breeze rolls through our neck of Maryland! :)

Have a good weekend, Leigh!

Susan Anderson said...

Yep, summer is definitely a mixed bag with kids. But I have to say that, all the fun notwithstanding, I was always pretty glad to ship 'em off to school again!


vanilla said...

"Hello, sanity." I spent a career holding open the doors of that custodial facility so you could maintain your sanity.

You survived a couple months with a couple kids? Good for you. Now your teachers have nine months with two or three dozen kids.

Have a great school year! (And do all you can to make the teachers' lives easier.)

Anonymous said...

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