Tuesday, June 28, 2011

52 Weeks of Happiness :: Week 17


Impulse buys at the grocery store.

I have talked before about how
much I LOVE going to the grocery store.
I always have a well thought out list in hand
as I grocery shop
but I get so excited when I see fantastic treasures
that are not on my list.

Like big plump juicy cherries.
They just looked so delightful
that I decided that I had to buy a bag
and find a recipe for them.
Instant inspiration!

They look so cheerful and happy.


My new favorite grocery store
discovery is over in the floral department.
They have a shopping basket full of flowers that
have been around a while
and no one wants.
They are super duper cheap!

Fresh flowers have not been in our tight budget
so these tea roses were a special treat.
I love imagining that the flowers
are sad and lonely
until I walk up and smell them
and take them home.

We love each other,
me and my cheap flowers.
We smile with gratitude at one another
as I pass by them
in a pretty vase on my dining room table.

It's a beautiful thing.


Oh...and the seasonal area always
has special little items.

Right now, they have a summer grilling area.

I found these fantastic retro-inspired

condiment holders for cheaper than cheap.

We fell in love too.

They make dinner seem so much more fun.

I truly celebrate unexpected happiness

that can be found at the grocery store.


Want to join me in my quest
to scout out happiness for a whole year?
Simply post a photo of something that
makes you wildly happy and tell us all about it.
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R Montalban said...

I like how you buy flowers :-)

Anonymous said...

I love love love the grocery store too... especially the discounted flowers!!!

Ducky said...

The roses are gorgeous! And I would expect nothing less than a super fun dinner with awesome mustard/ketchup squirters like those!!

Tiffany said...

Love the impulse buys at the grocery store...the condiment holders are oh so cute:)


Unknown said...

I love to bring flowers home from the market too!

Jeanne said...

Hello! Opps, I have the wrong title for entry 6 - It should be Red White and Blue... sorry.


Anonymous said...

Great shots. Gorgeous roses.

Unknown said...

The flowers are gorgeous.
My link is there twice. Sorry. The first one is a dud.

JennyMac said...

Love the pics..and love that you are still doing this awesome project. Way to spread the happiness Leigh!

Ashley Sisk said...

Good call with the flowers - I should do that. I always think about it, but never do!

Linda D. said...

Thanks for helping me realize that my impulse buys can be targeted to things on sale and yet still beautiful and useful! Much better to buy "on sale" flowers than that candy bar that calls my name when I'm checking out!

Susan Anderson said...

You found some great stuff there, Leigh. I often buy the "old" flowers, and you know what? They smell just as good!


PS. Cherries in a blue bowl are one of summer's best sights. And I love your retro condiment holders, too. I remember those holders that had a picture on them like those do!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh my gosh Leigh- I almost posted my shots of cherries instead of my pineapple today! We are soooo on the same page!

Caroline said...

I'm linking a little late! How is it that I always forget about Happiness Tuesdays? Anyway--ready for action.

Your grocery store finds are great and as always your photography is amazing!

I love cheap flowers too--especially those that I find randomly outside for free! :)

Anonymous said...

Giving sad & lonely flowers a home - I love that!

Susan said...

What fun grocery store finds. I’m always a sucker for their flowers. They make me happy too.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful flowers. Those cherries look good too.

Leovi said...

I love those red roses, beautiful frame.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

thanks for hosting! your sight is awesome!

janie said...

Red cherries are in season over here! (well, imported cherries , that is) and I like them cheerful and happy too! ;))

Maude Lynn said...

Cherries are one of my favorite splurges!

Unknown said...

OH I love the condiment dispensers they are too cute..