Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ode to a Picket Fence

Warning: This post is oozing with sentimentality

When I was little girl and I envisioned
what my home would be like when I grew up,
there was always a cute little picket fence.

I had daydreams of being a mommy
and my children running free in a yard
like free range chickens with our sweet little fence surrounding us.

I know that it was just a small childhood fantasy but fantasy came true.


We are creating a play area for the boys
on our property and
there is an seven foot drop off beyond the play space.
So, we had a picket fence installed as a barrier.

I can see it from my kitchen window
and the morning light is just so beautiful
as it shines on our new glorious fence.


It is so much more than just a fence though.
It is also a vision that Roger and I had for our home
when we first moved in.
I can remember walking the property
while I was pregnant with Griffin
and making plans for our future children.
It was exciting as newlyweds
and soon to be new parents
to imagine our family playing in that space.

We have needed a play area so badly
for the boys to run free and be wild.
So, here it is...
our hopes and dreams for our little family
coming to fruition.


It is so much more than a simple picket fence
or a gateway to our new backyard.

It is a picnic waiting to happen.
It is a game of freeze tag.
It is drinking sweet tea in the shade.
It is a bonfire.
It is laying on a blanket beneath the stars.
It watching the fireflies flicker at night.

It is a dream come true
for a silly little girl
who is all grown up.


Linda D. said...

Isn't it wonderful that a "barrier" like a beautiful picket fence would represent such freedom of play? Reminds me that we need healthy boundaries in our lives in order to truly enjoy those things that matter most! Keep writing such beautiful posts!

R Montalban said...

I hear the theme tune to Little House on the Prairie again!!!, Da dadadadada.....Da da da da da da dada... you know the rest :-)

Unknown said...

It is beautiful and I think it is awesome that your dreams are coming true hun..

Amy said...

This is so beautiful! I just know your boys are going to love their new play area.

Congrats on making your dreams come true!

Susan Anderson said...

We all have our girlish dreams.

And there's nothing better than making them come true!


Heather said...

Wonderful story. I love it when dreams come true. There really is just something about the simple beauty of a picket fence. We put a small length of one in mostly for decoration at our old home because I also always wanted one.

w said...

what a sappy post. also. i liked it. the post and the fence. and your backyard. invite me over for dinner so that i may stand in your kitchen and view it.

from mel said...

Probably my favorite post ever. Your heart is so real and relatable and I think we all share those backyard dreams for our kiddos. We just put up a fence too! But I'm used to a backyard that looks like yours and am trying to adjust to a desert landscape with lots of rocks and dirt and more dirt. little boys love it, but moms? I miss the grass and the many trees. Enjoy! This post is beautiful!

Ducky said...

That is so absolutely wonderful! I can just feel the excitable potential the gate holds. I look forward to the snap shots of some of the secret moments you will all discover in your new island!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Now that is something to be very happy about Leigh. I have always loved those & I am so excited for you.

Maude Lynn said...

It's beautiful! This is beautiful.

Caroline said...

Oh Leigh! This is one of my favorites by you!

SO much more than a picket fence, indeed! It's wonderful and I know you will all love it and the security that it gives as it hugs the property around your house. You deserve every single dream come true, my friend. :)

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