Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Capture : Something Fun


I have so much fun
buying reduced flowers
from the grocery store.

With our tight budget
buying fresh flowers is
a bit of a luxury.

I only buy the bouquets that are $2.00 or less.


Sometimes they look like
they might be coughing a little bit.
I love them anyway.

The center of my dining room table
is a place of honor for
my cheap little flowers.


I love to clean them up
and put them in a pretty vase.

I can feel their appreciation.



Secret Mom Thoughts said...

So pretty!

Katherine said...

Flowers are flowers, regardless of how much they cost. Even the simplest bouquet, from daisies to dandelions, makes me happy.

Linda D. said...

You are like one of those wonderful "animal rescuers" who pick and find homes for stray puppies and kitties.
Difference being that you are a "sale flowers" rescurer!

I take the pledge to become a "sale flower" rescurer so I can also nurture and enjoy them on my own table!


Ducky said...

The price tag is nowhere reflective of their worth!

Susan Anderson said...

I like this idea. It's kinda lovely and whimsical.

*Save the flowers!*

So cool.


Anonymous said...

I can practically see their sunny smiles of appreciation! =>

Caroline said...

Oh and don't you know that they love you for loving them too! :)

So pretty! I don't discriminate when it comes to flowers. Even the cheap ones are awesome in my book.


Unknown said...

Awww, you're the flower rescuer! I need to look for bouquets like this at our local store..

Stillmary said...

I love your fun little $2 bouquets. Somehow your excellent pictures make them look MUCH more expensive!