Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet the Newest Members of our Family


We took the kids to a Kid Expo
and there was a clown making animal balloons.
The boys waited and waited in line
to watch him twist and turn the balloons
into the shape of T-Rex dinosaurs.


They were both bursting at the seams with excitement.
Griffin named his "Rexy" and proclaimed
that he was never ever going to get rid of his new friend.
I didn't have to heart to tell him
that Rexy would one day deflate.


Koen was equally in love with his new friend
and named it "Monster".

For the rest of the weekend
Rexy and Moster went with us everywhere.
They sat with us at the dinner table when we ate meals.
The boys begged to sleep with them at night
but I refused to let them sleep with a balloon.


Monster had an "accident' and quickly became a sword,
Koen still loved him dearly.
Rexy came untwisted twice and both times
a heartbroken Griffin begged me to fix him.

With a few twists and turns and a
little dental floss to hold them in place,
I was able to save Rexy's arms.

Eventually, both of their beloved balloons
started to deflate.
It was a slow and sad process.

One afternoon, Griffin came into the kitchen
while I was unloading the dishwasher
with a wilting Rexy and announced
that he wanted me go ahead and pop it

He just couldn't watch Rexy suffer anymore.

So, we had a mercy killing of our beloved dinosaur.
Griffin was brave and there were no tears
but I know that he misses him.

I'm thinking of printing out photos of the boys
with Rexy and Monster to frame and place
on their bedside tables.

I know that they miss them so.


Andrea said...

Oh, those smiles are absolutely precious! I have some balloon animal balloons, but no skills to make the boys new friends!

Linda D. said...

Oh those mercy killings are indeed life lessons! but the joy of the moments with fragile things are the stuff of life itself. The photos are adorable! The joy radiates through the lens!

Leovi said...

Nice pictures, no doubt great fun and full of tenderness. Greetings.

Ducky said...

The balloons are fantastic and so fun!

Clowns? Clowns just creep me out.

Gina Kleinworth said...

Those are SOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

H said...

SO CUTE AND FUN! But I have to say at first I thought the newest member was the creepy clown. LOL

Katherine said...

We go through this process every time my boys happen to get a balloon animal. If they didn't get so excited each time, I don't know if I could endure the "make him have legs again!"

Caroline said...

SO cute! Photos are a great idea!

Ya know, in theory--balloons are amazing. But in reality they are the worst things for kids. My girls always fight over them and they always pop. Then I worry Oliver will inhale the rubber so sometimes if they linger too long, I pop them myself. Not to sound anal--but seriously.