Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Rhythm of Summer : Week 3

Summer is in full swing
and in an effort to make sure
that I don't just plop my kids in front of the TV all day,
I am pulling out all the stops
to keep my children engaged and entertained.

I plan to document some of our
simple summer adventures here each week.


There was amazing bird watching in the backyard.


Spiral Art madness.


A cut-throat game of indoor bowling.


Richard Scary story hour on a blanket on the floor.


An awesome rhythm class at our local library.
I wish that you could experience the level of loudness
that a room full of children with drums can reach.

It was impressive and painful.


There was the construction of complex block buildings,
followed by a certain sibling kicking down various buildings,
coupled with retaliation for knocked down buildings,
finished off with fisticuffs,
and ending with everyone in "time out".

Every single second of summer can't be fun, can it?


Unknown said...

Ahh sweetie the fact that they go that long before coming to fisticuffs is a thing to be grateful for. Mine is at least once an hour.. Looks like they had fun. I am not sure I could have handled rhythm class at the library.

Andrea said...

Oh,I miss the noise and messiness...and the pictured fun of those ages! We are now in the struggle to move people off the couch in agreement to do something!

Linda D. said...

Awesomeness to the nth degree! Lucky kids. Lucky momma.

Susan Anderson said...

This post was nostalgic for me. I enjoyed it!


Katherine said...

While my boys are also having a great summer, it does seem that there is a little more time out than usual...

Caroline said...


The bowling action shot is PERFECTION.