Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time to dust off the Peace Bean jar for summer...

From the moment that my boys 
open in their eyes in the morning,
they start clobbering each other.

In an effort to promote peace
and sanity during these  long summer days,
I made two peace jars for the boys.

If I see them acting kind to one another
or being peaceful toward me by obeying,
I just grab a red bean from my bean bowl
and drop a peace bean into their jar.

One rule is that they are
allowed to point out to me 
that they deserve a bean if I didn't notice.

This means that they often
set themselves up to get along 
and then yell to me from across the house.
I hear them say things like...
"Mom, I just didn't hit Koen back!"
or "Hey mom, I shared my toy with Griffin!"

As the beans stack up
 they can earn privileges and prizes.

Guess what?
It's totally working!
We've had a great start to our summer.

If I hear them arguing 
I just remind them about their peace jar
and they simmer down pretty quickly.

I lurve Peace Beans!!


Anonymous said...

How funny!

Pieni Lintu said...

Sounds great!!! My boys 6 and 8 are fighting all the time now that they are home..I should try this. :D