Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's the little things

It is my turn to bring snack to school for Griffin's class. Every week they have a different letter that they focus on. This week happens to be the letter "C". I've gotten my creative juices flowing and have come up with some snack ideas that start with the letter of the week. Nothing like some good old fashioned graphophonemic connections for the kiddos.

So, if I had an apron, I would strap it on because I've decided to do something wild and crazy. I. am. going. to. cook. It's no secret that I am the worst house wife ever. Roger gets really upset when I say that but we all know it's true. I can grab a cookbook and cook a simple dinner but it's not exactly the Iron Chef kitchen at my house. Something inevitably goes wrong when I try to cook. The top of the salt falls off and ruins my dish or I put the burner on too high and burn the meal to a crisp. It's amazing really. I have made a few yummy dishes since I've set to the task of being a better homemaker. I think it is so funny that I find myself in this role. None of it comes naturally to me.

I want it to though. So, I am cooking snacks for my son's class that start with the letter "C" and it's almost silly how good it makes me feel to do so. Here is my menu.
Mon-Cheese and crackers (okay, that's an easy on)
Tues -Cinnamon bread with cherry preserves (I'm building up the nerve to turn on the oven)
Wed-Corn souffle (This one is especally good because it starts with a C and is Thanksgiving related)
Thurs-Cranberry crunch (Another Thanksgiving gem that involves baking)
Fri-Carrots and hummus (enough with the baking, geeze)

So there you have it. I am well on my way to becoming the domestic diva that I want to be and being the domestic goddess that I almost am.

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