Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A tummy bug

Griffin has had a tummy bug for 4 days.
I am coasting threw each day...trying to keep a calm tummy
for my little boy
and giving lots of Hugs.

One advantage to being sick at our house is that
you get to watch TV all day long.
Anything to keep a sick kid from
running all over the house
and then moaning and groaning on the couch.
So, we've been spending some quality time with
Spongebob and his gang.

I've come to realize after a marathon
of this seemingly pointless show
that it is actually very Zen.

Spongebob loves his job.
He lives to make Krabby Patties.

Did I just pontificate about
Spongebob being zen?
I need to get out of this house!!!!!

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