Monday, January 12, 2009

A cause for celebration!

Life is funny. That I could feel so low one day and then on top of the world a few days later. Let me start this post by saying that I married the most private man in the world. If I am an open book for the world to read, I guess that he is a diary with a lock and he has buried the key someplace very safe. So, out of respect for his locked up pages I will be vague here. Sorry.

There is some celebrating going on in my home. Much like my brother, my sweet husband has been going through a crisis of his own. Well...his father is stepping into help us out. Praise god and pass the ammunition, we can breath again! Both of our parents have stepped in to give us relief but his Dad REALLY stepped up to the plate. We are so blessed to have such supportive families!

We have been jumping up and down with joy. We are looking at each other in a new way. I'm 7 months pregnant so he hasn't thrown me over his knee and planted a big ol' kiss on me in the streets or anything but we both know that we have fought through something that could have been devastating for some marriages. We made it through a dark and scary storm. Enough metaphors already, I know. So, life is good at our little home thanks to Roger's dad. It just goes to show that you never stop being a daddy either.

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Unknown said...

congratulations, leigh! we were helped out by parents once, and we were so thankful!