Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Swap

My old friend Alice Lamb and I are switching it up today. She invited me to be a guest on her Blog, which is an amazing collection of lists. I told her on one condition, if she made a list for me.

You can check out my post on her Blog here.

Alice and I went to high school together. We were both in the creative writing club and on the staff of the school's literary magazine. I always thought that Alice was a clever girl. She's one of the few people in this world that is original.

Without further ado...here is her list.

10 Things I Imagine About Motherhood

1. I imagine that motherhood has a lot of parallels to pet ownership: you get used to cleaning up puke and poop, and start saying things like, "THIS is why we can't have nice things."

2. I bet it's a lot of fun when they're so young that get to dress them however you want.

3. I can't imagine waking up early enough to get the kid(s) dressed and off to school on time.

4. It must be pretty cool when you get to explain things that we take for granted, like what a dream is, or gravity.

5. There have got to be a lot of moments that are both disconcerting and exciting: like when your kid learns stuff that you didn't teach him/her.

6. I wonder what kids who have awesome parents choose to rebel against.

7. I wonder what it's like to share your body with another human being for so many months.

8. I think I'll like the snuggly phase of motherhood most of all.

9. I imagine that the most trying part of motherhood is when your kid(s) get old enough to point out the flaws in your personality... and they're right.

10. On the other hand, I imagine that one of the most rewarding things about motherhood is that, if you play your cards right, someday, you will be able to converse with your child on an equal level... and that you will learn as much from him/her as he/she learned from you.

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