Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Butterfly Dreams Farm

The summer has made us listless.
There is too much time in the afternoons for
Griffin to get himself into trouble.
His teacher at school,
the lovely and talented Ms. Jacki,
had mentioned that she teaches theraputic horseback riding.
I gave her a call and it turns out that
she is teaching out at Butterfly Dreams Farm.

We took Griffin out for his first lesson and he loved it!

I must add that I am terrified of horses.
I went to a birthday party when I was 5
and there was a horse for us to ride.

On the way to the party,
my mom was trying to educate me about horses.
"They know if you're scared." she told me,
"and don't stand behind them
because they'll get spooked and kick you!"

What a cruel creature, I thought to myself.
A huge animal that can read my mind and
kick me cause I'm scared and it's scarring him.
It was all too much for my little brain to process.

Then when I saw the horse, his eyes were glaring.
I got scared and I knew that he knew that I was scared.
My heart started to beat

Then I ran away.

I've never been on a horse.

So, I was a brave Mom yesterday
and took my son to ride on Joey the horse.
Afterall, it's about Griffin, not me
and my hang ups.

I chose not to tell him any details about horses.
I would let Ms. Jacki handle that.

He had no fear.
It was a beautiful thing,
him walking up to this huge horse
as if they had been friends his entire life.

I only freaked out a little bit.
On the inside.

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