Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturday night baking

I decided to bake a Pear Upside Down cake last weekend
because our good friends Christine and Ray
were coming to visit and I wanted to make
something to satisfy Christine's sweet tooth.

Well, knee deep into the mixing of ingredients
I realized that we were out of flour.
Much to my chagrin,
I headed out to the gas station to grab some.

It was 8:30 pm, I am never out in the world at that hour.
I took in the splendor of a summer evening as I drove.
When I got to the gas station it was packed.
There were girls all dressed up and
planning their evenings.

They were buying 6 packs of low calorie beer
and menthol cigarettes.
There were handsome young fellas
buying PBR and cigars.

There was a charge to the air.
A Saturday night energy.
Discussions of who was meeting where
and when buzzed around me
as I waited patiently with flour in hand to pay.

I caught myself riding their wave of energy.
I got excited to be out at that time of night.
It made me remember those fun summer nights.
Where you had no idea where the night was going to take you
but hoped that it would be the night of your life.

I looked down at the fancy shoes
on the well manicured feet of dolled up girls
and smiled.
I imagined that they had gotten ready together
sipping on cocktails and holding up
different outfits as they decided what to wear.

It took me back, it made me happy.

Then, I climbed into my SUV that had
2 empty car seats in the back
and high tailed it back home to bake my cake.

Later, as I stood in the kitchen and stirred the ingredients
I tried to imagine what those lucky girls were up to.

I was content though, to be at home
with my family and baking a cake for dear friends
on a Saturday night.

I've had more than one crazy Saturday night in my lifetime!

Disclaimer: This is not a picture of the actual cake that I made. I found this one on an image search on Google. My cake looked kinda messy and was a little dry, but it tasted yummy!

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