Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Places We Love : Menchies

I've decided to feature local places that we
love to visit from time to time.
If you live in my town
then you should visit Menchies.


It's a new frozen yogurt store
that we stumbled upon recently.
As we walked by a cute lady
pulled us into the shop and offered us free ice cream
because it was "Friends and Family" night.

Since I was neither part of her family
or her dear friend, I was a bit surprised by the invitation.
Who is gonna turn down free ice cream?
Not this girl!


So, in we went and a magical place shimmered
right before my eyes.
A huge row of frozen yogurt awaited.
When I saw that they had Red Velvet cake
and cake batter swirl, I swooned.


The toppings looked all dreamy
as the sugary delights
beckoned to me.
I swear, they blew kisses my way when I walked up.

I was in a euphoric haze as I
topped my frozen yogurt off with caramel sauce.


Even my picky little eater
got in on the action
and ate blueberry yogurt with Fruity Pebbles on top.

We have been back since
and it is like heaven.
A fluffy heaven with
Marshmallow Cream and Cherries on top.

My fellow Athenians...
I'll see you there!


Katherine said...

That place looks like just my type of shop!

Ricky Steele said...


On behalf of all the Steele Family, Thank you for visiting Menchie's and we are very glad you enjoyed your experience. We look forward to seeing you again and meeting your friends.

Best wishes,

Ricky Steele

Linda D. said...

Happy times and happy memories are always made a delightful, local ice cream shops! Those pictures are amazing and made my mouth drool!

Unknown said...

Between your pictures and this I am finding tons of reasons to move to Georgia. Man I want one here.. now I am hungry..

Caroline said...

It looks completely awesome! You live in such a cool place! Your photos are gorgeous, Leigh. Perfect!

Jenn said...

That looks like heaven.

Susan Anderson said...

That's smart business! They've made a friend of you now, and I'll bet you will visit often.

(These photos are so well done, Leigh.)


Linda D. said...

BTW, did I say how much I enjoyed this post and the fab photos?