Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time to Reconnect

I'm preachin' about date nights again!
Please head on over to Athens Patch
to read this week's Moms Talk column.
Join in the discussion,
I'd love to hear about your experiences
with love after baby!


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Love ya!


Jenn said...

I totally agree about date night. My husband and I found that when our first daughter was little it was especially difficult. When number two came along we already had a bedtime routine... and part of that routine was making sure that the kids were in bed early enough for us to have our evenings together. It also helps to get a sitter occasionally, ship the kids to grandmas for the weekend, and take a vacation without kids.

Susan Anderson said...

Okay. Heading right over!


Linda D. said...

Love the sparkly date night "do Not Disturb" sign!
So cute! Loved the article too. Short and to the point!
May it be an inspiration for so many of us married folks who need a gentle reminder to stay happily connected!