Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leigh vs. Milky Way Cake

After the epic battle that took
place last year when I tried to bake
a damn Coca-Cola Cake and lost...

I decided to embark on baking a new cake this year
for the Thanksgiving feast.

After reading the book The Girl Who Chased the Moon
where a lady makes a Milky Way cake,
I decided to duke it out in the kitchen
with candy bars instead of soda pop.

It was bitter battle to then end.


Any recipe that calls for 8 Milky Way Bars
is a winner in my book.

I had two little helpers in the kitchen
as we tossed butter, eggs, flour,
and a bunch of other junk into a bowl.

I read the recipe and then reread the recipe
because let's face it,
half the time I don't read the whole recipe
until I am on the last step of the recipe
and then I realize that I read something wrong
when I half read the recipe in the first place.

I digress...

It all came down to one stupid stick of butter
that made me second guess myself.
Did I put that stick of butter into the mix?
Uh...better drop in another one just in case.

Guess what?
20 minutes in to the cake being in the oven
I realized that I had put the butter in
and now the cake had one stick to many.



In the end,
after I called my mom
and inquired about how badly a
stupid stick of butter can ruin a sticky cake,

and I fussed and beat myself up
about being a disaster in the kitchen,

I pulled out the cake
and even though it was lopsided,

It was SO yummy.

Just one day I would
like to make a pretty cake.

I'm still gonna claim victory
over this bitter battle
with my oven.

For those of you keeping track:


Here is the recipe
if you wish to make
your own ugly yummy cake.


Andrea said...

I am impressed that all 8 candy bars made it into the cake (I am less likely to eat a stick of butter)...I made a Dr. Pepper cake once with no incident.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

It sounds yummy. Love Milky Way.

Linda D. said...

A frumpy, delicious cake is indeed a victory! I know you want the Martha Stewart baking experience, but one day you'll be pleasantly surprised and have a cake that looks and tastes good

Susan Anderson said...

I always say this:

Who cares how it looks? It's the taste that matters!


PS. Of course, my stuff always looks...different...and not necessarily in a good way...

Unknown said...

Kind of like "So Ugly it's Cute" only It's so ugly, but looks DELICIOUS lol. As long as it tastes great and has chocolate, who really cares what it looks like :)