Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Legend of Tomorow :: Episode 2

When we last left Mindy,
she was seeking solace at The Hunter's Tavern
after seeing her ex-boyfriend, Corbin
tightening the laces on her sister, Trudy's ice skates
in the middle of the town square.

She knew better than to drink away her worries,
there was a slight chance that she was carrying Corbin's child.
Instead, she wandered over to the cafe and ate two pancake specials,
 with bacon, a side of hashbrowns, a biscuit, a slice of apple pie,
 and drank 6 cups of coffee.

She was always an emotional eater.

As she walked home with an upset stomach
and a broken heart, she happened upon Mr. Lovelace.
She took a step back, they had always loved each other from afar
but he was engaged to Helen, Mindy's arch enemy.

Mindy knew better than to get tangled up with Lovelace.
Yet, her heart raced beneath her heaving chest as they spoke.

Helen happened upon the two talking,
her heart stopped because she knew that
Lovelace had always carried a torch for Mindy.

As she hid behind a snow covered tree,
she heard the dreaded words escape Lovelace's mouth;

"Mindy, forget Corbin. You know that I've always loved you."

Helen's tears froze on her cheeks
as she hurried to the town medium, Zelda for advice.

She told her that the only way to stop 
Mindy and Lovelace would be to destroy both of them.

She gave her a vile of poison to do with what she saw fit.

Mindy had fled from Lovelace,
her heart was shattered by Corbin
and she knew she would never love again.

Lovelace came to her in the night,
declaring his love and begging her to run away 
with him to the town of Yesterday, which
was two towns over.

They could get jobs and live on love.

Meanwhile, back in the town square,
Corbin leaned in closer to Trudy
as they planned a surprise birthday party for Mindy.

He missed her so and Trudy was a great party planner.
The two spoke in whispers as they made plans.

It was all a huge misunderstanding.

Tune in next time to find out...
will Helen poison Lovelace?
Will Mindy move to the town of Yesterday with Lovelace?
Was she carrying Corbin's baby?
Would she find out about the surprise the party?

All of this and more will be revealed on the next episode of
The Village of Tomorrow.

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