Monday, December 9, 2013

The Legend of Tomorrow :: Episode 3

When we last left the residents
of the sleepy town of Tomorrow,
Helen had just been given a vial of poison
to use on her philandering husband, Lovelace
and his suspected mistress, Mindy.

As she rode through the town square,
Helen saw Mindy up ahead
and in a fit of passion, kicked her horse into 
a frenzy and he barrelled through town towards her nemesis.

Her horse chased Mindy down a secluded alley
and trampled her to the ground.
She fell over without the slightest scream.

Corbin's baby would surely be lost now.

In a panic, Helen fled the Village of Tomorrow
and left Mindy alone, suffering in isolation.

Hours later, when Lovelace couldn't find Mindy,
he ventured out into the woods to see
if she'd escaped to clear her mind.

He wanted her to move to the town
of Yesterday with him with all of his heart.

He searched well into the night.

Meanwhile, Helen had fled in
such a hurry that she mistakingly
dropped the vial of poison in the snow.

Little Lucy Smith happened upon it
and thought that it was fruit juice,
drinking down the poison in one gulp.

Her knees buckled and she fell to the snow,
the world spinning as she tried to focus her eyes.

Even the ducks were worried about her.

The next morning, a crowd had gathered
in the town square at the request of Corbin and Trudy.

It was Mindy's birthday and they had organized 
an awesome party but Mindy never arrived to
hear them shout "Surprsie!"

It had all been a horrible mistake.

Helen and Lovelace happened upon each other in the woods.

She reached into her pocket for the vial of poison
and realized it was no longer in her pocket.

Lovelace pretended to be excited to see her
but kept one hand on the pistol in his pocket.
He would marry Mindy
even if it meant ending Helen.

Only one of them would leave the woods alive!

Tune in next time to find out...
Did Mindy lose Corbin's baby?
Would little Lucy Smith survive?
Could the guests return all of Mindy's birthday presents for a full refund?
Who survives in the fight between Helen and Lovelace?
All of this and more will be revealed on the next episode of
The Village of Tomorrow.

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Angelwithatwist said...

Wow all of that from a Christmas village.. bwhahah I will never look at mine the same again..