Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Misadventures in Homemaking and a little video

Okay, here is a little video of the first 20 minutes of my talk.
I forgot to format my memory card and it ran out of space.
I'm smooth, I know.

Anyhoos, I act like a big ol' dork
and use my hands like crazy.
It's kind of dark cause I had to cut the
front lights so that the projected images could be seen.

Other than that, I feel pretty good about it.
I thought that y'all might enjoy watching me in action.

Then, if you scroll down,
here are the materials to my talk
along with all the links to the posts
that I discussed.

I will put that fancy little button in my sidebar
and it will link to this post.

Okay....I'm done babbling about the awesome conference.


I am a representative for domestically challenged moms.

Name inspiration
Laundry pile versus time to write
Me trying to overcome inept housewife ways.
Scout out humor in my position as a stay at home mom.
Aesthetic of Leigh vs Laundry
Wink to iconic 1950's housewife.
Wanted an original/retro look for blog
Wanted copyright free images.
Finding the time to blog
Accept that you're not perfect
Choose to let one chore go a day and write instead
Make family a priority over blogging
Pivotal moments in Leigh vs Laundry history
Followed advice to "Write what you know"
The Road to Hana
Bought a Nikon D500 SLR camera

28 Days of Happiness
Posted one photo a day of things in my life that made me happy.
*Wearing a tiara while I did housework
*Children's artwork on display in my home
*Shadow on my wall at 3:00 pm.
*Fiesta Ware plates lined up in my cabinet
*Carnival glass I inherited from my grandmother

The Happiness Project

Committed to posting a happiness photo every Tuesday
Started blog carnival and invited other bloggers to join in
*Daddy love
*Smell of gardenia bushes in my front yard
*Fireworks on the 4th of July
*Stained glass window in my bedroom.
*A field of yellow flowers.
*Hand picked flower from Griffin.
*The clanking of Koen playing with pots and pans while I cook dinner.

52 Weeks of Happiness
Posted more than one picture in a post
Wrote about why it made me happy
* Taking the children to the art museum
*The smell of my grandmother's antiques
*Picking Wildflowers

What I discovered about happiness
*It's all around us, you just have to look for it
*More happiness comes to you when you acknowledge it
*Simple pleasures are the most satisfying
*Happiness is a choice
*I now meditate on happiness out of habit

The Stay at Home Mom Chronicles
Documenting the fleeting everyday moments with my children.
*Vacuuming Madness
*Bribery and Chaos
*Being Surrounded by Boyness
*Documenting the crazy moments with my children.

The Crazy Moments

*The tale of three Neigh Neighs
*Tis the Season to be Cranky
*Saved by the Sun

Documenting the fun activities my children enjoy

*The Thrill of a Big Hill
*Hide and Seek
*Chopping Wood

Documenting when I feel like a mother

*Raising Leonardo DaVinci
*Baking with the Children

Having fun with kids in the kitchen
*Kinds Kingdom Bakery
*The Yummiest Ugly Cake on Earth
*A Happy Mess

The importance of taking care of mama
*Doing good for others to find happiness
*Going out with my friends
*Volunteering to spend time with little girls
*Writing letters
*Reading Books

Friday Night Dates
My husband and I needed to spend more time together
We started Friday night dates
*To Catch a Thief
*The Office
*The Village

Athens Patch
*Tricking a Picky Eater
*Stay at Home Moms vs Working Moms
*Punk Rock Barbie Starts Trouble
*Mommy Makeover Madness

*Invitation to scout out joy in your life
*Discover your own Road to Hana
*Try to see the humor in the crazy moments with children
*Make yourself a priority
*Make your marriage a priority
What is your story?


Linda D. said...

The Road to Hanna is such a beautiful metaphor for your talk and for life. You looked So relaxed, polished, and approachable. I believe you inspired some moms that day! Well done!

Sue said...

Can't believe I actually watched that whole video. I meant to watch only five minutes because I'm in a hurry this morning, but you caught me!

And it was so much fun to "see" you in person, Leigh.


Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Very cool- loved seeing YOU - great job!

R Montalban said...

You are just so lovely :-)

Caroline said...

Leigh--I scrolled (and clicked the older posts button) all the way back to this because weeks ago I watched this and then got interrupted by the kids before I was able to comment. Just wanted to say that--YOU did such a great job. THIS is another avenue for you--you're a natural.

And also, I don't want to bug you about this, but please visit this website

and tell me if you want to join this group on FB. I'm a member and it's just such an awesome group of women. You can post links to your new posts on the FB page. I can either add you to the FB group or you can I think add or request an add through the link I'm sending where you also register. I just want to keep mentioning it to you because there are members of the group (who I don't know by the way) who read our FB posts and then seek us out for things/opportunities.
Just think about it, okay?
Love you. xo Caroline